Hi! Welcome to my website. I set up this place to share with people my interests in photography and music. Hope that you can find something useful here.  I am back here in Singapore, a nice tropical garden city, and happened to be also a country, in the south eastern corner of Asia. Some facts about Singapore are as follows:


Total population:   5.61 million, Singaporean 3.44 million, multi-racial, multi-national, 2018.                   

Area of the country:   721.5 km^2, about 45mins drive from one end to the other, 2019.

Land designated for housing:   15%

Land designated for road:   12%

Land designated for water catchment:   67%, July 2011

Highest point:   Bukit Timah Hill 163m, that's about the highest you can go ..... naturally.


Weather characteristics (Jan 2013, The Magazine of IES):

-    no distinct seasons

-    average temperature 24 deg C to 31 deg C

-    position of sun towards southern hemispere

-    humid throughout the year (50% to 90%)

-    wind direction rotates throughout the year from northeast to southwest