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Speaker system

Speaker system



I like listening to classical music and my friend who is an expert in hifi system recommended me a system, which I like very much and has been enjoying music with it.


At present my system set up is as follows:


                           Marantz SA-14 SACD player on Goldmund cones
                           Musical Fidelity A-3 CD player on BDR Mk 4 cones  


                            Bryston BP-25


                            Bryston 4B SST Silver


                            Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home


                            SA-14 to preamp - DIY pure silver balance and RCA
                            A3 to preamp - Z2 Au/Au RCA                         
                            Preamp to Amp - DIY pure silver balance

Speaker cables:  

                             SonicArt, silver coated copper cables

Power cables:     

                            SA-14 - AFA Zeus II                                                                                                                      A-3 - AFA Zeus II
                            Preamp -    JPS Lab        
                            Amp - SonicArt  

Signal conditioner:  

                            Castle PLF-200, power amp connects direct








The charateristics of this system is neutral. However, good recordings will sound good on this system while the bad ones will sound horrible. This system serves me well, especially for classical music like symphonies and concertos. Female vocals are not so sweet. Sound stage is not that wide and deep. So far I am quite happy with this set up and is unlikely to upgrade for quite a while. 





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