Tuesday, March 28, 2023



A7R4  in APS-C mode
A1  12 Jun 2022
FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G
GM 600/4.  10 Sept 2022
190XPROB/GHFG1.  14 Dec 2022
MT190CXPRO3/GHFG1.  May 2022




Red-breasted Parakeet

The only parakeet with a pinkish-red breast. Male is mostly green on the upperparts, with bluish-grey head, think moustachial stripe and red bill. Female is similar, but has grey head and black bill. Juveniles are drabber, with buffy-brown head and thin moustachial striple.

f6.3 1/800. @600mm, ISO 5000, Eagle Point, 1 Jan 2022


Juvenile, f7.1 1/800  @600mm, ISO 1000, Tampines Ave 2 Blk 141, 15 Feb 2022


f9 1/1000. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 3200, Eagle Point, 2 Sep 2022


f10 1/800. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 1000, Eagle Point, 2 Sep 2022


f8 1/2500. ISO 2000, GM 600. TC 1.4x, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.  Platform 2, 4 OCt 2022






Long-tailed Parakeet

The only native parakeet in Singapore. Maleis mostly green with bright red bill, pinkish-red face and thick black moustache. Crown is darker green than in other parakeets. Juveniles are entirely green and have weakly marked facial patterns.

f11 1/500. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 500, Woodlands Waterfront, 23 Jul 2022  


Male, f7.1 1/1000. @600mm, ISO 2500, Woodlands Waterfront, 19 Dec 2021


Male, f7.1 1/1250. @600mm, ISO 2000, Woodlands Waterfront, 19 Dec 2021


Male, f9 1/640. @600mm, ISO 6400, Woodlands Waterfront, 2 Aug 2022


f5.6 1/2500. ISO 3200, GM600. TC 1.4x, Woodlands Waterfront, 26 Jan 2023


Female, f5.6 1/500. ISO 3200, GM600. TC 1.4x, Woodlands Waterfront, 23 Jan 2023






Rose-ringed Parakeet

Big red bill, largely green with narrow black collar turning deep pinkat ear, yellowish-green head with blue wash on hindcrown/nape, blackish lower mandible. Female lacks collar.


Male, f10 1/1250. @600mm, ISO 640, Tanjong Katong Road, 13 Jan 2022


Female, f6.3 1/1250. @600mm, ISO 2000, NYGH, 28 Oct 2021




Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot

The smallest parrot in Singapore. Both sexes are entirely green with bright red uppertail coverts and a blue crown patch that is difficult to see in the field. Male has a red patch on the breast.


f6.3 1/800. @600mm, ISO 4000, NYGH, 1 April 2022






Tanimbar Corella

An all white cockatoo with pink lores. Male has darker iris than female, but is hard to see in the field. In flight, birds appear entirely white with yellow-tinged underwings.


A7R2, f6.3, 1/500. @600mm, Full Frame, ISO 640, Changi Village, 27 Oct 2019


A6400, f8 1/500. @600mm, ISO 5000, NYGH, MT190XPROB3/BHQ2, 22 Sept 2021


f11 1/2000. @600mm, TC 1.4x, ISO 1600, Sungei Ulu Pandan Faber Heights, 27 Jul 2022








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