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A7R4. in APS-C mode
A1. 12 Jun 2022
FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G
GM 600/4. 10 Sept 2022


190XPROB/GHFG1 14 Dec  2021
MT190CXPRO3/GHFG1. May 2022





Oriental Reed Warbler

Commoner of the two weed warblers in Singapore. Upperparts mostly drab olive-brown. Underparts white, with brownish wash on flanks and vent. Birds with worn plumage tend to appear greyish brown. Note white brow extending betond eye, and longish somewhat heavy bill wiht a pink lower mandible.

f6.3 1/800. @600mm, ISO 2500, Gardens by the Bay, 25 MAr 2022



f6.3 1/800. @600mm, ISO 2500, Gardens by the Bay, 25 Mar 2022






Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler

A streaked, skulking warbler of damp glassland. Upperparts rufous-brown, with streaking on crown, mantle, back and ramp. Rump amd tail distinctly richer-hued than rest of upperparts, with tail white-tipped. Young birds tend to be washed yellowish on upperparts, with fine streaking on breast. 

f9 1/5000  @600mm, ISO 2000, Marsiling Park, 11 Oct 2021


f10 1/5000  @600mm, ISO 2000, Marsiling Park, 11 Oct 2021





Arctic Warbler

Arguably the most abundant migratory landbird found in Singapore during the northen winter. It is generally nondescript with olive-green upperparts, dirty white underparts and a long white eyebrow that extends to the nape. Some individuals may show indistinct wingbars. Vent white. Long black eye-stripe.

f5.6 1/500. ISO 1000, GM600. TC 1.4x, Eagle Point, 28 Oct 2022


f8 1/500. ISO 2500, GM600. TC1.4x, Woodlands Waterfront, 26 Nov 2022


f5.6 1/800. ISO 2500, GM600 TC1.4x, Woodlands Waterfront, 20 Feb 2023















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