Thursday, June 13, 2024

135/2 Planar T*

Contax 135f2 Planar T*

The Low Light Telephoto 

Contax C/Y 135f2 Planar T*  2/135

C/Y mount 135/2 Planar with Contax 72/86 ring, Hood 4 and 86mm metal cap. 


This is the only one rare Contax lens that I own, the only Zeiss 135mm in Planar design. My version is the AE made in Germany version that was released with the Contax RTS. Zeiss re-released a 60th Anniversary version which was also made by Germany and is compatible to MM mode. This is a huge and heavy lens, but nice looking. 135mm is my favourite focal length, and I have been using the Rolleiflex HFT Sonnar in QBM mount and the Contax T* Sonnar. The optical design is a neat and elegant 5 elements in 5 groups.





Frog Farm Singapore - Aria - f4 1/60 135/2 Planar T* - UC100 - Metz 40MZ3i @21mm TTL - 11 Jun 2008 


RTS III - f2 1/250 - UC100 - 9 Aug 2009


RTS III - f2 1/250 - UC100 - 9 Aug 2009



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