Saturday, April 20, 2024

500 f4.5 Carl Zeiss Mirotar

500 f4.5 Carl Zeiss Mirotar


Rolleiflex 3003 Brochure:

‘A long focus mirror lens very similar to the 1000mm Mirotar, with a relatively high aperture and 10 times the image size of a lens with a standard focal length. Recommended for the same range of applications. Relatively fast and compact, with three individual grey filters that can be swung into place, corresponding to aperture values of 4.5, 8 and 11. Can be focused to maximum sharpness, giving great scope for subsequent enlargement.’  


5 elements in 5 groups

f4.5/8/11 grey filter

Angle of view: 5o

Close focus distance:  3.50m

Filter size: Filter slide.

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