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Pipits and Wagtails

A7R4. in APS-C mode
A1 12 Jun 2022


FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G
GM 600/4. 10 Sept 2022


190XPROB/GHFG1 14 Dec 2022
MT190CXPRO3/GHFG1. May 2022
Berlebach Report 8013/GHFG1  May 2022




Paddyfield Pipits

A drab brown bird of grassy fields, the most common pipit in Singapore. Upperparts tawny-brown with bold brown streaking on crown and mantle. Underparts pale buff with finer streaking on breast and neck sides. On face, note white brow, brownish ear coverts and white submoustachial stripe. Similar looking Richard's Pipit which is very rare, is larger an shows more extensive dark streaking on breast.

A6400, f9 1/2500. @600mm, ISO 800, Kranji Dam, 5 Dec 2020


A6400, f8 1/3200. @576mm, ISO 800, Kranji Dam, 5 Dec 2020


f5.6 1/1000. ISO 2000, GM600 TC1.4x, Kranji Dam, 27 Jun 2023


f8 1/1250. ISO 800, GM600 TC1.4x, Garden by the Bay MRT Station, 14 Jun 2023


f8 1/2500. ISO 1600, GM600 TC1.4x, Garden by the Bay MRT Station, 14 Jun 2023





Eastern Yellow Wagtail

Breeding male is olive-green on mantle, back and rump, with bright yellow underparts and blackish wings with white fringe to coverts. Ssp. taivana has olive-green crown and long yellow brow. First-winter bird has greyish upperparts and white underparts, with varying amount of yellow on throat and belly.


f8 1/1250. @600mm, ISO 2000, Turut Track, 3 Dec 2021



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