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Wen Fu 2016

Wen Fu 2016

我听到天开始亮了 / 梁文福




The purchase of the new release of some of the artists, to me (and maybe to a lots of their fans) is always a no brainer. Local artist/musician Liang Wen Fu is one of the best examples to me. : ) Growing up with Singapore home grown music ‘xin yao’ (新谣), which heavily influenced generations of Singaporeans and local singers. Wen Fu’s songs are just so Singapore, so closely related, and so blunt with regards to the good and bad of Singapore local culture.


24 years apart, this is the latest new CD release by Wen Fu “Listen till Dawn” (我听到天开始亮了). The album recorded 15 songs close to our heart that span over decades. The two that touches me most are his variation of his own original scores. 《新加坡派》to 《新加坡派2.0(Singapore Style to Singapore Style 2.0) and 《历史考试前夕》to 《新谣历史外传》(History Exam Eve to Xin Yao History). 《新加坡派2.0is like a report card on the growing up of xin yao and fans, 《新谣历史外传》the new variation has included many key figures in Xin Yao into the song.


Some of the songs collected in the album is Wen Fu written for various special occasions.《从心出发》(Start from Heart) was performed by 4 local artists (蔡健雅, 蔡淳佳, 陈伟联,潘嘉丽)and Singapore Chinese Orchestra celebrating Espanade 10 anniversary.《找回那感觉》(That Old Feeling) was for the new image launch event for Local Chinese news paper.《看电视》(Watch TV) was written in 1999 for board casting channel 8.《简爱》(SImple Love) was Wen Fu gift to Singapore independent 50 years.《自在苏州》(Easy Su Chow Province) was written for a China board casting station in 2016.《新欢会旧爱》celebrated 75 years of Broadcasting in 2011 with the three Chinese Boardcasting stations.


The other group of songs in this album of Wen Fu were the theme songs for various TV series, movies and other singers he had written over the years. 《放映爱》(Love Show) was written in 2016 for a local movie of the same title. In 2015 Wen Fu wrote for a teacher singer 符杰荣 听明天在歌唱》(Listen to Tomorrow Song) in his album《唱歌给你听:梦想发光》(Songs for You). In 2013, 《《下一首歌》(The Next Song) was written for singer 玖健,and in Hong Kong singer 马浚伟 albumCherishthe song《如愿》 (Wish). In 2015, 《人生无所谓》 (Easy Life) was the theme song for Singapore Media Corp Channel 8 TV series of the same title.《起飞》(Take Off) was a TV series with story back drop from Xin Yao and《好想告诉你》(How I Wish to Tell You) was written for this TV series, which recalled so much good memories for the generation grew up with Xin Yao. Finally, in 1999 Wen FU wrote for Hong Kong diva 张学友《她来听我的演唱会》(My Concert Lady Audience)but in this album of Wen Fu it was the version he sang during his concert in 2015, a very special interpretation of his own music live on stage.


As I have said, some albums you just buy without much thinking, naturally. I wish Wen Fu all the best, and a cheer to a Singaporean who has grown up in this little red dot and a culture dessert in the past, who has written so many ever lasting pieces for the Chinese community Singapore and world wide!









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