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Rolleiflex 35mm

60 f2.8 Carl Zeiss HFT Makro-Planar



6 elements in 4 groups
f2.8 – 22
Angle of view: 39o
Close focus distance:  0.27m
Filter size: 55mm


This is a fantastic lens, although due to its size and weight and the slower speed at f2.8 it may not be a all round general purpose lens. The photo taken by this lens has very high resolution and smooth appearance, and thus give you the medium format feel. When use for subjects at infinity it is good to stop down the lens to f4 or f5.6, otherwise it can be used comfortably with human subject at close to mid range. 


Rolleiflex 3003 60/2.8 HFT Makro-Planar Ektapress 100 


Cannon Ball Tree f8 1/8-1/15 60/2.8 HFT Makro-Planar
Rolleiflex 3003 Manfrotto 190/168 Ektapress 100 14 Mar 1998 


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50 f1.4 HFT Planar



Probably this is the smallest 50/1.4 lens Zeiss ever built. 



Rolleiflex SL 2000 F f4 1/15 50/1.4 HFT Planar Ektar 100 


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50 f1.8 HFT Planar


Different variants of the 50 f1.8 Rollei QBM standard lens:  
(left to right) Rollei HFT Planar, Schneider Xenon, Voigtlander Color Ultron,
 HFT Planar with  serial number ended with SL. 


Rolleiflex 3003 Brochure: ‘The fast standard focal-length lens with optimum correction and extra sharp definition. At 185g, extremely light and easy to handle. A universal lens with close-up focusing down to 45cm. Suitable for all subjects.’ 

7 elements in 6 groups f1.8 – 16
Angle of view: 45o
Close focus distance:  0.45m
Filter size: 49mm 


For some reasons or another I use this 50/1.8 much more often than the 50/1.4.  Picture quality sometimes is so good that I feel that the lens is  under value in the second hand market, as this lens is abundant. This should be a good lens to start with for those who would like to taste the character of Carl Zeiss with low budget.



Fraser Hill Rolleiflex SL 2000 F f8 1/250 50/1.8 HFT Planar Ektar 100 


Lake Toba Rolleiflex SL2000F f2.8 1/125 50/1.8 HFT Planar Ektapress 100   29 March 1996 


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35 f1.4 Carl Zeiss HFT Distagon


9 elements in 8 groups floating elements
Angle of view: 61o
f1.4 – 16
Close focus distance:  0.30m Filter size: 67mm









Unusual triangular aperture blades 



Singapore Chinese Garden Rolleiflex 3003 35/1.4 HFT Distagon VC 160 


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35 f2.8 HFT Distagon


The 35mm f2.8 Distagon for Rolleiflex 35mm SLRs had a slightly different optical design than the Contax/Yashica version, as shown below on the right. 



                                    Rolleiflex QBM                                                                   Contax C/Y 



Rolleiflex 3003 Brochure: 

‘A high performance lens – for photographers who understand by “high performance” not the largest available aperture but high image quality. The range of applications for this lens is so varied and universal that it has a place in every photographer’s equipment. It is recognised as the classic landscape lens.’ 


5 elements in 5 groups
f2.8 – 22
Angle of view: 61o
Close focus distance:  0.40m
Filter size: 49mm



One of my favourite moderate wide angle lens. I use this whenever I only need a moderate wide angle coverage and want the best quality. I like the look if the very flat front element of this Rollei design compared to the bulging look of the C/Y version. Nevertheless I have used both and find them capable of producing images of very high quality and low distortion. Very good value for the performance. The compact size makes it very suitable for travel.


New Paper Big Walk Rolleiflex SL 2000 F 35/2.8 HFT Distagon Ektapress 100 


Malaca ST of Harmony Rolleiflex 3003 35/2.8 HFT Distagon
Agfa Ultra50   17 Jan 1998 


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