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35/2.8 PC Distagon T*

35/2.8 PC Distagon T*

Contax Shift Lens



Contax 35/2.8 PC Distagon T*, with Contax 70/86 adaptor, 86mm filter and metal hood 1.



 This lens was bought with a story  :D


Was actually looking for a Schneider 28/2.8 PC lens. I thought for architecture photography the wider the angle the better for coverage. However, after talking to many experts, it seems the Schneider 28 PC is too old a design for digital photography. A safer bet will be the Contax 35/2.8 PC Distagon, which by Zeiss standard has much higher resolution for modern digital sensors and a 60mm coverage for a high quality 10mm shift. I happened to bump into a local seller selling one which would save me some money, and was about the same budget as a Schneider 28 PC.

The PC Distagon I bought comes with a set of Contax 86mm filter, Contax 70/86 adpator ring and Contax metal hood 1. The previous owner of the lens who sold the lens to this seller that I bought the lens from, took out the front filter secure ring, and secured the filter glass with the metal hood 1. The filter/hood is attached to the lens with the 70/86 adaptor. 






Lens in normal position 




Lens in maximum 10mm shift position



Rear of PC Distagon, showing design allows shifting of rear lens element.





It is very lucky for me that the seller who I bought the lens from, is a professional architecture photographer! He explained to me that although wide angle and super wide angle are good for coverage, many of his clients prefered the more natural redering of the 35mm focal length. For me as I get older now adays I tend to shoot very wide (18mm) and very long (600mm). This lens will finally bring me down to earth back to the basic fundamental of natural perspective. I attached below two photos taken by the PC Distagon, and one taken by Zeiss ZF 15/2.8 Distagon for comparison.


Admiralty House, A7R2, f8, 1/250, ISO 100.


Admiralty House, A7R2, f8, 1/250, ISO 100.


Admiralty House, A7R2, f8, 1/250, ZF 15/2.8 Distagon T*, ISO 100.




The PC Distagon is of very high resolution. See the photo below and the cropped of the area centre and below.

Shop house at Tanglin Halt, A7R2, f8, 1/50, ISO 100. 


 Cropped at centre below of the top photo.


Sembawang Park, A7R2, f8, 1/100, ISO 100.


A7R2, f5.6/8 1/640, ISO 100, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 17 July 2020.


A7R4, f8 1/640. ISO 100, Woodlands Waterfront, 6 Apr 2024


A7R2, f5.6/8 1/400, ISO 400, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 17 July 2020.


A7R4, f8 1/500. ISO 100, Marina Barrage, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 27 Apr 2021


A7R2, f8 1/160, ISO 100, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Eagle Point, 9 Dec 2021


A7R2, f8 1/200, ISO 100, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Eagle Point, 9 Dec 2021


A7R2, f8 1/200, ISO 100, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, Eagle Point, 19 Sept 2020


Masjid An-Nur Mosque, A7R4, f8 1/640  ISO 100, MT190CXPRO3/BHQ2, 16 Dec 2021


Tanjong Katong Road, A7R2, f8 1/640  ISO 100, 190B/GHFG1, 13 Jan 2022


Mandai Mangrove and Mudflat, Kranji Green, 18 Mar 2024

A7R4, f8 1/800  ISO 100





After using for many months, I found the using of 86mm filter and thus the 95mm lens cap made the lens very bulky to carry around. So I finally do away with the filter and use now only with 86mm hood and lens cap, a slightly smaller package.


Photo taken by A7R4, Schneider Companion-S 100/5.6

f11, 1/40, ISO 800, two 5W LED Panels


Photo taken by A7R4, HFT 60/2.8 Mark Planar

f11, 1/15, ISO 800, two 5W LED Panels





Photos of the PC Distagon were taken by A7R with Milvus 50/2 Makro Planar T*, f11 1/15, ISO 800.














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